Non-hot-spot Adventures is our website for travelers. This is our website for travel agencies. There is perhaps no other term that best speaks to Divertimento Group’s raison d’être than Overtourism.

There is no clear cut, traceable source for the person or organization that first used the term “overtourism”, but Divertimento Group embraces the working definition from the current website:

“Overtourism describes destinations where hosts or guests, locals or visitors, feel that there are too many visitors and that the quality of life in the area or the quality of the experience has deteriorated unacceptably. It is the opposite of Responsible Tourism which is about using tourism to make better places to live in and better places to visit. Often both visitors and guests experience the deterioration concurrently.”


Our Alternative Cultural Adventures...

allow travelers to meet the people, eat the food, touch the history, and hear the stories of local residents, who are the precious gatekeepers of tradition and artisan secrets.

We Are a Concierge-Style Business for Tourism Companies

We offer non-standard, out-of-the-ordinary adventures for travel professionals who want to provide new experiences to cultural travelers.

Our world-premiere Locals-First approach helps maintain the delicate balance between guaranteeing residents’ quality of life and visitors’ quality experiences.

All this is possible because we are the only company in the world that works with local resident-designers who make sure that visitors experience the best that their small town, city or island has to offer the world.

Your cultural travelers will appreciate this unique approach. Get to know who your cultural travelers are.

Cultural travelers represent an increasingly valuable segment of the marketplace.

JOIN our Divertimento Group travel professionals network

We are actively seeking new travel companies and advisors for our “DG reseller network”.

Working with Divertimento Group means participating in a social-impact campaign to promote Italy at its best – by supporting Italian communities who proudly promote their culture and traditions.

DG Alternative Cultural Adventures can be offered alongside your standard Italian itineraries – some travelers want to combine visits to popular “hot-spot” cities they haven’t seen with off-the-beaten track experiences.

We work in partnership with Italian tourism offices and American businesses on giving visibility to extraordinary “un-crowded” Italian destinations.

Our high-profile B2B events throughout the USA promote a networked, collaborative approach fosters respect for the people who live and work in the areas your clients will visit.

CHECK YOUR CALENDAR IN THE SPRING FOR OUR NEXT 2019 EVENT: “Umbria’s Jewels: olive oil, truffles, saffron and cashmere”


The STOP Overtourism Movement

We invite travel professionals to join us in our STOP Overtourism Movement.

We will provide spectacular photos, visitor reviews, extensive destination profiles/background history and carefully planned itineraries that will help promote our less crowded, lesser-known, truly out-of-the-ordinary Alternative Cultural Adventures. We will help encourage experienced Italian travelers to start #RethinkItalianTravel – leave their comfort zone at home and celebrate life!®

#RethinkingItaly Events

Chicago • New York • San Francisco • Los Angeles

Divertimento Group wants you to help us make a lot of “chiasso” – noise! The more travel professional partners we have at our special events to raise awareness about our STOP Overtourism Movement – the greater the chance the media will give more attention to lesser-known, less-crowded locations. 


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Our Mission

Leading the STOP Overtourism Movement with travel professionals everywhere…