Residents promote & protect THEIR Matera

Matera began its adventure as Europe’s 2019 Capital of Culture on January 19, 2019. The inaugural event marked the beginning of a year rich with cultural events.

The city is busy preparing for a new influx of tourists – who will hopefully be sensitive to the local community’s desire to create a healthy tourism scenario.


The Sassi are Matera’s famous cave dwellings – but Divertimento Group adventures include many other areas of the city.

The Italy visitors haven’t met yet!™

Enzo Maranghino is one such Materani, who with wife Jennifer works closely with DG on developing Matera adventures. He was born and raised in Matera. We invite you to listen to Enzo’s description of HIS Matera and what it was like growing up there. Translated into English by Divertimento Group’s Lesley Pritikin. Click here for original Italian text.

Divertimento Group wants visitors to know that the Sassi make up just one area of Matera – the city has many other cultural offerings beyond the Sassi.

For example, the Murgia National Park, an archeological, nature and wildlife reserve, that is famous for its ancient churches carved into the rocks – called Rupestrian Churches. From gourmet lunches in ancient caves to foraging on local farms, to visiting ancient churches on residents’ land in the Murgia National Park – our Matera Specialist travel advisor can help you promote these marvelous Alternative Cultural Adventures.


Contact lesley[at] if your agency would like to know more about DG Matera adventures designed by local residents to show you THEIR Matera.

Our special Matera adventures have been designed for travelers who care about contributing positively to the local populations’ quality of life. They allow travelers to meet the people, eat the food, touch the history, and hear the stories of local residents who are the precious gatekeepers of tradition and artisan secrets.

Divertimento Group is the only company using a member network of Italian resident-designers (born and raised in their region) who want to promote THEIR Italy. This LOCALS-FIRST approach to tourism is part of our STOP Overtourism Movement launched to promote a different way to visit unique places that need to be preserved.

Contact lesley[at] if your agency would like to know more about DG LUXURY-Matera adventures like this gourmet cave dinner.

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