Do we really want to be a “flood of humanity sloshing around the planet” - as journalist John Hooper (@john_hooper) brilliantly stated in his 2015 article "Tourist hotspots are crowded around the world with new visitors -- but are they all welcome?"



Hot-spot favorite cities and remote areas are suffering social and environmental consequences of out-of-control, mass tourism. More details.

Experiential & adventure travel is in demand

Our cultural adventures meet the needs of cultural travelers who prefer meeting local people to visiting monuments.

Alternative cultural adventures are the best way to join Divertimento Group’s B2B travel sector’s STOP Overtourism Movement. Travel professionals can help tourists cultivate new behaviors (like leaving selfie-sticks home)...by suggesting Divertimento Group Alternative Cultural Adventures. Sustainability goes beyond protecting monuments/natural environments.


We work with local business owners and residents to create adventures that respect tourists, residents and the territory.

We focus on the people.

Alternative Cultural Adventures let travelers meet the people, eat the food (and throw away their garbage!), touch the history, and hear the stories of local residents. LOCAL RESIDENTS ARE the precious gatekeepers of tradition and artisan secrets. Divertimento Group programs foster respect for them.

Partner with us to offer “Alternative Cultural Adventures” to your clients! Click here to see some examples of Divertimento Group Alternatives.

Our Mission

Leading the STOP Overtourism Movement with travel professionals everywhere…