Alternative Cultural Adventures for LGBTQ Travelers

Veneziagay Travel

LGBTQ was not flashed across our Homepage as a banner to shout out Divertimento Group’s commitment to creating special adventures for all members of the world’s community – because we want to think that it is not necessary to explicitly declare these things…BUT nevertheless, we are delighted to be working with Veneziagay, one of Italy’s primary suppliers of same-sex travel, weddings and honeymoon adventures.

Veneziagay is specialized in creating elegant and stimulating events in Venice and the Veneto region in lesser-known areas like the Riviera di Brenta – but 100+ spectacular weddings have been designed all throughout Italy.

Special travel adventures and weddings in other popular Italian cities like Rome and Verona are also available – as are spectacular events in Sicily and Umbria.

Veneziagay can cater to all tastes and budgets – from tiny secluded gems in fairy-tale towns, to sprawling olive and lemon groves in rural areas, to southern Italy’s “Sassi” of Matera,prehistoric dwellings that are perfect for dramatically beautiful and luxurious “cave weddings”.  

Our USA Travel Partner working directly with Veneziagay is La Dolce Via Travel.

For more information U.S. couples can contact contact: Rosanne[at]

630.887.8983 (office)

630.336.6857 (mobile)

810.821.9558 (fax) 

1-844-4-GOITALY (1-844-446-4825)


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