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Murano is the centerpiece of our #RethinkingVenice program – our first “off-the-beaten-track” itinerary and the company’s symbol for “Alternative Cultural Adventures.”

Divertimento Group’s founder grew up with Venetian glass in her house and has been in love with Murano glass and with the island itself since she can remember. Later in life, she discovered the amazing history behind the Venice Lagoon and hoped to also share that little-known area someday with cultural travelers (More on our Murano page). In addition, she dreamed that she could show all of the travel writers who predicted Murano’s gloom and doom that the island was going to surprise everyone with a comeback – spearheaded by none other than – Divertimento Group! 


What better way to bring visitors to Murano than to launch an entire Glass Tourism Division – exclusively for glass artists?

Adventures for glass artists & designers

We chose Fulvia Notari to work with us on creating our Murano adventures for glass artists and designers (of buildings or clothes or jewelry).

Fulvia is especially excited about helping Divertimento Group create exciting programs that satisfy our travelers’ desires not only to learn more about Murano glass techniques, but also to have stimulating cultural encounters.

Fulvia was a visionary outsider (a Milan architect by training) who decided to move to Venice and work with Murano artists when that was unheard of.

Not even Venetians artists came to the island to collaborate with the Glass Maestri (Masters) – let alone female artists, since the environment was and still is predominantly male. Fulvia always believed that her emphasis on design could be what would distinguish her work from the more traditional Murano artists who, like her, were creating glass necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

“It is important to add new pieces to the collection, but without following trends or being too frivolous. The test of good design is time. I still have many requests for some of my earlier pieces, two decades later. My formal training as a designer allows me to step back and look at this wonderful material – glass – and understand both its limits and its potential”. – Fulvia Notari

In a pre-internet culture, Italian artists collaborating with non-Europeans was not commonplace. But, Fulvia always looked to artistic inspiration beyond her own culture. Her experience developing a longterm, on-going collaboration with world-renowned Japanese artist Hiroko Koshino will undoubtedly fascinate and inspire many of Divertimento Group’s visitors – given the priority they give to cultural exchange.


The Glass Art Society conference in May 2018 is an excellent opportunity for glass artists to come early or stay longer.

Glass Art Society Annual Conference May 2018

The Glass Art Society (GAS) annual conference in Murano in May 2018 will provide an excellent opportunity for glass artists to come a few days early or stay a little longer, so they can join in nonconference-related events with locals. Visionary artists born and raised on the island will join Fulvia in leading discussions about how to create innovative, qualitative modern pieces and also take advantage of antique traditions and materials of the past.

Fulvia looks forward to hearing about the American artists’ continual quests for new concepts, new techniques, new forms.

She is drawn to the freedom from tradition and age-old practices that gives American glass art an entirely different starting point…and American artists a different creative energy. American artists will be able to look at Fulvia’s creations, each of which is completely hand-made – sewn with needle and thread by artisans. All of the components are “Made in Italy."

For a more complete view of Fulvia Notari's available pieces, consult https://www.antaresvenezia.it/

When Fulvia fell in love with Murano glass – both the material and the tradition – and with the idea of creating wearable glass ornaments/pieces of art – Fulvia must have been on the right track – because her company, Antares Venezia (antaresvenezia.com), has already celebrated its 22nd anniversary!

“Murano’s glass tradition and techniques give a certain depth to the art produced here, but 700 years of history can also be limiting, which is why I have always found the American Glass Art Movement so stimulating”. – Fulvia Notari

Divertimento Group will want to continue to keep the spotlight on Murano long after the GAS convention is over. Our on-going exchanges between “old” and “new” continent artists – both in America and in Italy represent the spirit behind Divertimento Group’s initiatives.

We hope that you will have the opportunity to meet Fulvia Notari during the GAS conference or join us for our unique “glass adventures” any other time of the year!

Chicago event Nov. 2018 – “Murano: A new narrative”

Divertimento Group & Fulvia Notari will be sharing their presentation “Murano: A new narrative” at the Italian Cultural Institute in Chicago in November 2018. We will be joined by other artists who will share stories about their experiences on the island. The specific date will be announced through social media and on our website. Be on the lookout for our #RethinkingItaly Events throughout Chicago before or after the November event.

Divertimento Group is the only company in the world for glass art tourism. Great way for glass artists to leave their comfort zone at home and celebrate life!

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