#RethinkingItaly Events

Chicago • New York • San Francisco • Los Angeles

Your commitment, Divertimento Group events, and media attention will help communicate the value of our Alternative Cultural Adventures. The travel media can be a valuable partner in battling Overtourism. Travel writers can make or break a destination and can influence travlers’ decisions enomously -- both positively and negatively. Divertimento Group plans on involving the media as much as possible in many newsworthy initiatives targeted to travel professionals. The more travel professional partners we have – the greater the chance the media will publish more about our special jewel locations.

  • Travel agents and consultants are central to our marketing strategy.
  • We want to meet with you face-to-face – in your city – so we can rethink Italian travel together!
  • Divertimento Group’s website and social media campaigns together with our events will fuel the important STOP OVERTOURISM MOVEMENT.
  • Become a “memory maker” with unique offerings that help your customers start #RethinkingItaly

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