Divertimento Group’s Alternative Cultural Adventures

Alternative Cultural Adventures let travelers meet the people, eat the food (and throw away their garbage!), touch the history, and hear the stories of local residents. Local residents are the precious gatekeepers of tradition and artisan secrets. Divertimento Group (DG) programs foster respect for them.


Divertimento Group promotes lesser-known areas of Italy. Umbria is now a DG priority region because so many visitors have not “met it yet”!

Fertile ground for a perfect partnership

Divertimento Group’s (DG) search for a principle USA Travel Agency partner began in 2017- and next on our list was finding a key Italian travel company to join the “DG Alternative Cultural Adventures Sales Network.” When we found Taste and Slow Italy, with passion for and unmatched knowledge of this special region where they were headquartered, we knew we had found the right partner.


T&S offers a vast array of experiences that stimulate visitors’ curiosity not only in Umbria – but all throughout the country.

Stefania Grillo native-born Umbrian was hired in 1991 to manage Trasimeno Viaggi, a small boutique travel company owned by an avid traveler with no entrepreneurial experience.

With her boss traveling the world, Stefania was left entirely on her own to learn the “biz”. After a decade or more of traveling and studying her competitors’ best practices, Stefania was delighted to see clients enthusiastic about her innovative offerings. In 2002, the original owner of Trasimeno Viaggi made Stefania an offer she could not refuse - and she acquired the business.

The Taste and Slow Italy brand slowly took form with the help of husband Samuele Archangeli, an agricultural researcher and economist, equally as passionate about “his” Umbria and its world- renowned treasures. The couple brought to T&S a creative mixture of tourism and agricultural expertise – a rare combination that sets them apart from more traditional travel companies.


Divertimento Group and Taste & Slow Italy will work together to provide the best people-to-people experiences Italy has to offer.

Travelers go home with Umbria in their heart

Whether in the more popular Italian cities or smaller towns and villages, clients are sure to be seduced by the territory’s world renowned artists and artisans, richly flavored wines from indigenous grapes, the finest extra virgin olive oil in the Mediterranean, and graceful, legendary olive trees that give distinction and a sense of poetry to the Umbrian landscape – perfectly fertile ground for Divertimento Group’s Alternative Cultural Adventures.


Olive harvesting adventures are once-in-a-lifetime experiences. The 2019 season is already filling up.

Stimulating, authentic, heartfelt adventures.

“This September – I went to the Amalfi coast and Umbria, an area of Italy my friends had not known about. Surprisingly, the highlight of our trip ended up being the Divertimento Group Umbria adventure with the Amalfi coast coming in at a distant second. Everything we did in Umbria was stimulating, authentic and heartfelt – because the local people had planned it all. Their joy in sharing is still with me. We are already thinking of going back next year, probably for olive harvesting!” – Burt Engelberg, Chicago resident

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