Travel professionals can make a difference in overtourism

Of course, no travel professional would think of telling first-time travelers to Italy to avoid Rome, Florence, or Venice.

Our new collaborative approach puts travel professionals on center stage and sees them as major protagonists in the STOP Overtourism Movement – providing more information about a different kind of Italian travel experience to clients who have already been to Italy’s major cities.


Encourage new visitors to explore unknown places...

to leave their comfort zone at home and celebrate life!

New visitors to Italy who want to avoid crowds might also welcome your encouragement to explore unknown places... to live Alternative Cultural Adventures... filled with awe and discovery... a chance for them to... leave their comfort zone at home and celebrate life!®

Our itineraries for first-time-visitors to Italy include:

Some creative approaches to promoting the most popular Italian Hot-Spots (Rome, Florence, Venice, and Cinque Terre): For example,

Our Mission

Leading the STOP Overtourism Movement with travel professionals everywhere…